Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello friends.  I'm a new mom.  Last summer, my husband and I were blessed with a little princess named her Leena-Deen.  She's perfectly healthy, beautiful, and happy and I believe this is in part to a higher power as well as the simple techniques I've commited to such as breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, food making, adult interaction, and more.  My husband and I have done research and also discussed different ideas and have come up with some of our own practices which I'll share with you all.  

We're far from perfect and this site is dedicated to sharing my trials and tribulations with raising my infant the way mothers did back in the day.  A "throwback" to older practices that in my opinion are better, cleaner, and healthier for our children.  My stories and ideas are not medically approved or official.  Instead, they are rooted in good old fashioned common sense...doctor's don't know everything,and from my own experience, some of the things the doctors, manufacturers, and other "experts" have to say these days are actually making our babies sick, overweight, and reliant on drugs and other medical intervention.  Let us not forget that not too long ago our mothers and grandmothers had babies without medication, without disposable diapers, without vaccines, and without processed baby food and formula.  And guess what, most of their kids are turned out to be happy and healthy adults. 

So lets rewind the clock and take a look at old school practices that I've injected some new life into today.

"the old school mommy"