Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Boobs on Deck

SO not a big deal.

What this has to do with a fashion magazine? Unless they are advertising designer fashions with easy access for nursing, I don't see any connection beyond the fact that the magazine wanted something sensational to rouse readers.  Granted this cover is just the subscriber edition.  The newsstand image is here:

While I'm always happy to see moms breastfeeding, I'm quite tired of the debate about a mother's right and what is and isn't appropriate.  I breastfed my babies and never faced in public shaming.  I did it on planes, buses, trains, park benches, stores, restaurants, parks, grocery stores, libraries, office buildings, bathrooms, etc.  Sometimes I covered up with a nursing cover, a scarf or a sweater, or the top hood of the baby carrier.  Other times, I just did what I had to do without making a big deal about it.  The main thing is, you don't have to look.  You know how when you spot roadkill and you divert your eyes so you want see the gory mess.  Well you can make the same choice if you don't want to see a bare breast feeding an infant if it grosses you out.

I can think of far more disgusting things I've seen happen in public to complain or tweet or facebook about, like stinky homeless people boarding the train or bus I'm on or obnoxious drunk people speaking loudly and inappropriately.  I'd much rather be surrounded by babies and boobs.

What do you think?

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