Monday, May 18, 2015

where did the time go?

I hate that question.  Looking at old photos of my babies feeling a bit nostalgic.  they will never know how cute they were to me then and now.  Parenting is so bittersweet.  No one ever told me that as babies grow up, they morph into toddlers, then kids, and those memories fade and it's a bit sad.  Granted, we have new memories and experiences, but it's still a bit emotional, don't you think?

I have friends having babies very soon, and I will even have another soon, so there's new joy, love, and laughter to be had.  but take a moment every now and then to look at old photos.  get them out of your iphone and frame them or scrapbook them.  show them to your kids, and share an old story! 

because they grow.  we grow.  and sometimes we forget!

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